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Release Date: March 29, 2019
Rating: 8.9

About Dumbo

Country: United States

Year: 2019

Category: Animation, Family, Fantasy

Release Date: March 29, 2019

Director: Tim Burton

Starring: Eva Green, Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton

Age Restriction: 18 years

Duration: 95 minutes

Budget: $85,000,000

Box Office: $

In a time when, either due to lack of creativity or the demand of a nostalgic audience, we constantly see remakes, other versions of films that have already been made, Dumbo presents himself as a 'caramelito' in the world of Hollywood For that reason, Burton, who was the first to give him the glove, has been working on a new adaptation in real action of the Disney classic.

The film will premiere on May 29, 2019 in the United States and, according to the first official trailer, comes as a glove to the American director: includes magical elements while overflowing realism from all its pores.

To achieve such a credible and at the same time fantastic atmosphere, the charming elephant will be recreated with a computer (CGI), in line with what has already been seen in previous adaptations in Disney's real action.

In addition, Dumbo will share the screen with actors and actresses such as Colin Farrell, Eva Green, Alan Arkin, Michael Keaton and Danny DeVito, among others. All together they will tell the story of the little pachyderm who is marginalized by his gigantic ears, the same ones that, at a given moment, will allow him to fly and will make him the star of a circus show that does not go through its best moment.

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