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Movie Info

Release Date: October 19, 2018
Rating: 8.9

About Serenity

Country: United States

Year: 2018

Category: Drama, Thriller

Release Date: October 19, 2018

Director: Steven Knight

Starring: Diane Lane, Anne Hathaway, Matthew McConaughey

Age Restriction: 18 years

Duration: 36 minutes

Budget: $95,000,000

Box Office: $

Serenity Development

Only since December 5 opened and Serenity has already become a benchmark in Solis Street, specifically in the local number 4, just opposite Acemsa. Adrián Cabezón and Daniel Morales are the owners of this young business. After starting on the bridge of the Constitution, the Christmas campaign was its launch that has achieved a good number of customers, who are becoming day-to-day customers, even providing suggestions to expand the product list.

Thus, Serenity adapts to its clientele, also offering a schedule adapted to the consumer: from 10 to 14.15 hours and in the afternoon they close at 9:00 pm, which will be extended with summer time so that they can make purchases after work or after hours. the beach.

On the shelves of Serenity you can find everything from perfume for personal use or for a gift (in cases and baskets), such as sun creams or the whole range of creams for skin care, both in summer and winter, as well as all types of drugstore products, for cleaning and small household arrangements. And at the counter, advice, proximity and friendliness.

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